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It’s time we gave a thought to background music. I woke up again today with a headache. Not a physical one but one that has been with me since November 8, 2016. Did the majority leader of the US Senate say giving assistance to New York State is a blue state bailout? Did the President…

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April 20, 2020 – Journal Entry Everyday I’m sure I’m sick, something hurts. I cough, my throat is sore, my chest is aching. Every night I dream I’m in New York, there are fires all around me and I’m trying to escape. There’s no way out. Governor Cuomo sits stone faced on the morning news….


We are all recovering in one way or another, love, divorce, illness, change, addiction.


Compulsion by David Spicer  I’m washing my hands for the twelfth time today The sins I’ve committed immersed in water Water convinces me to immerse my sins in the ghost ship of my lost forgotten past I’ve recalled too few ghost ships that have passed I see their sailors’ eyes and know I know them…